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Have you been injured by a faulty product or machine?

When you purchase an appliance or product, buy a new car, or use a machine at work, it’s reasonable to expect that you won’t be harmed – but that isn’t always the case. When a product causes injury or even death, you and your loved ones deserve to know what went wrong and who’s to blame. A product liabilty lawyer who is experienced in courtroom trials is the only way to go.

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Our team will dig deep to discover whether the product that caused you harm has undergone quality checks, been tested by consumer panels, and been put through proper processes to protect your safety. We’ll thoroughly investigate your claim to determine who or what is responsible for your injuries – then we get busy fighting for your compensation.

Serious injury often causes major disturbances to your life: missing work, watching bills pile up, and accumulating pricey medical expenses.

In product liability claims, one of the following parties is most often responsible:

  • Product designer

  • Product manufacturer

  • Product assembler

  • Product installer

  • Product developer

  • Wholesaler

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Make sure your story is heard. Hire the best team of aggressive, reliable product liability attorneys in Pensacola, Florida.

From household and kitchen appliances to children’s products and toys to heavy machinery that you use at work, when a design, manufacturing or marketing defect exists, our law firm is ready to tackle your case and get you the maximum compensation.

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